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You know what you want to achieve. RESCCU can help you reach those goals. RESCCU is consistently effective in helping colleges and universities resolve their most critical enrollment management issues. We excel in helping institutions refine and institute policies and processes to increase recruitment and enrollment among target populations of students, to improve student retention and student satisfaction, to enhance customer services and increase customer satisfaction, to advance learning and help students meet their objectives, and to boost the productivity of enrollment services staff. RESCCU achieves its strategic results through evaluation and assessment methodologies, leading to the course-correcting strategies that we recommend.

RESCCU does not offer "packaged" solutions. Our evaluation, assessment and recommendations are tailored to your institution's needs. With RESCCU's flexible consultation services, you'll gain insights and perspectives that emphasize new ways of attaining goals efficiently within the human and financial resources limits of your institution.

RESCCU's Range of Services

Interim leadership and management services and mentoring

With years of successful experiences in different roles and institutions, RESCCU consultants can maintain leadership and management stability for an organization in transition, and maximize opportunities for progressive transformation, while minimizing internal political pressures. If you wish, our consultants can overlap with newly hired administrators to help bolster their chances for success.

Organizational analysis

RESCCU's scope of expertise encompasses analysis of registrar and enrollment services operations and services, relationships with other offices and units that affect their work and services, and the use of technology tools and systems within the context of the institution and its strategic enrollment objectives.

Assessment and Evaluation Services

RESCCU can serve as your partner in analyzing and refining your institution's enrollment services strategies and processes. We can help you identify opportunities for the transformation of customer service, improved productivity and a greater return on investment. We can assist in efficiently implementing recommended changes without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Technology Services

RESCCU can assess currency and effectiveness of technology, systems and related policies, procedures and documentation, and can recommend changes or alternatives to enhance services and productivity. We offer ERP project management and/or implementation team leadership services.

Training and Other Support Services

We supplement your staff members, freeing them to concentrate on other critical tasks. We can complete one-time projects and coordinate other short-term cyclical projects. RESCCU consultants can work with your personnel individually as well as conduct training workshops such as FERPA compliance and privacy and security of student records.

Space Planning

RESCCU can evaluate the use of current physical space and recommend space optimization designs based on workflow and traffic patterns. We can assess the environment - for example, lighting, acoustics, ergonomics, technology, color palette and surface materials - and suggest changes that would improve learning environment, teamwork and improve customer service.

Scope of RESCCU Recommendations

  • Realignment and redesign of enrollment management organizational structure - for example, workflow and work relationships, redefining roles and responsibilities to improve quality of service and liberate resources
  • Redesign and renovation of workspace to enhance customer service, including team work space and one-stop centers
  • Business process redesign to streamline and simplify administrative services to reduce bureaucracy and paperwork
  • Development of new policies and procedures or programs governing, for example, data standards, privacy of student records, ID management, or security of digital and print data
  • Staff performance improvement opportunities based on individual and/or team assessment, such as FERPA training, communication training or conflict mediation training
  • Identification of ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness in using technology and tools - for example, automating and streamlining processes and encouraging use of self service
  • Selection of new student information systems, such as Ellucian (formerly SunGard HE) Banner, and/or other third-party software
  • Purchase of new hardware, including tablets and other mobile devices and teaching and learning technology
  • Outsourcing select services, such as those for verification of enrollment or graduation, transcript ordering, financial aid processing, and marketing campaigns
  • Adoption of new services and/or programs that improve your institution's competitive advantage, including use of social media, use of mobile devices and on-line services, and development of student success strategies and programs
  • Improved communications through rewrite and/or re-design of web portals, college catalogs, marketing and recruitment material and forms, and form letters.


RESCCU’s goal is to help your institution become more welcoming, more productive, effectual and efficient in registrar and enrollment services. Together we can improve the recruitment, retention and satisfaction of students, help students achieve their goals and objectives, facilitate the learning process, and increase the satisfaction of constituents.



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