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Recommendations about our consulting services from nationally and internationally prominent educators.

Over the years, many of our clients have sent us unsolicited notes expressing appreciation for the constructive ways in which RESCCU responded to their needs. We look forward to helping you attain your goals and fulfill your vision.


"Evelyn has been great and she is thorough! She is guiding us through this process and we have found that there is much work to be done before we can implement End of Term Process. However, working with a consultant such as Evelyn who has such a pleasing personality, a vast Banner knowledge base, guides and communicates clearly, and follows through on finding answers to questions that give us pause, makes the project more tolerable."

LaVerne Hill-Flanagan,
University Registrar
University of the District of Columbia

"Dr. Evelyn Babey was employed to review the Registrar function at Edison State College in September of 2012. In a very short time she met with staff and prepared a thorough review of that office with insightful recommendations for improving staffing and operations. She was able to accomplish these tasks in a short time because of her ability to gain staff trust and confidence based on her depth of knowledge and ability to relate to them as individuals. Dr. Babey brings a unique blend of technical expertise and people skills to her work. I would not hesitate to employ her again for similar work. She has a rare combination of creativity and knowledge of the field that make her immensely valuable to clients."

L. Russell Watjen, Ph. D.
Former Interim District Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Edison State College

"I had the pleasure to work with Evelyn in her role as the Banner implementation consultant at Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research, a new American style university being built in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Luckily, by the time I arrived Evelyn had already been on the scene for several months helping to define a curriculum structure and coding scheme along with academic and enrollment policies and procedures. Starting a new university is always difficult and even more so when you add differing cultural values and expectations. To make a long story short, Evelyn effectively leveraged her knowledge of Banner and her years of experience as a registrar to move the University well past the point it would otherwise have expected to reach in a year.

Working with Evelyn was a delight, both personally and professionally."

David Robb, Ph. D., Registrar
Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates

"Thank you so very much for your assistance to Bennett College for Women in our search for a new Registrar. As we discussed prior to your visit, we needed the real focus and attention of an expert to help us sort through the many issues hindering our progress. Your visit . . . highlighted some significant strategies for our search as well as created a sound list of primary projects for the new Registrar address upon arrival. As the Vice President for Enrollment Services, I found myself tremendously grateful for your insight and sensitivity to our institutional culture."

Tatia Daniels Granger, Ph.D.
Vice President Enrollment Services
Bennett College for Women

"The FERPA workshop you presented to the faculty was outstanding! Your presentation was well organized and informative. You not only helped us think about changes we need to make, but also helped us brainstorm ways to facilitate these changes. Every faculty member should be required to attend this workshop. Thanks so much.

It really was a great workshop!"

Sherrie L. Nist, Ph.D.
Division of Academic Enhancement
University of Georgia

"Dr. Evelyn R. Babey served as a consultant and acting Registrar at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) for six months. . . . Dr. Babey assisted in examining and improving the operations and customer service of the Registrar's Office to support efforts to strengthen recruitment, enrollment, and retention of our students. She also served as a mentor and role model for the Registrar.

Dr. Babey's extensive background and higher education experience enabled her to understand quickly the complexities of IIT. . . . Her knowledge and experience with . . . SunGardHE's Banner ERP system helped us understand the full capacity of Banner as well as what to expect during implementation. . . .

Dr. Babey's management and leadership skills were evident soon after her arrival. She was proactive in identifying issues and solutions, many of which were implemented before her consultancy ended. She rapidly established good working relationships with the Registrar staff, seeking their input and involvement in making recommendations for change. . . .

Dr. Babey demonstrated a professionalism that made her a role model not only to the registrar staff but to other staff at IIT. By her demeanor, and through her work, she rapidly earned the respect of those with whom she came in contact. She has an engaging personality, is warm and open, and brings a sense of humor to her work. . . . I particularly valued her as an advisor not only in the registrar area but in other areas that impact IIT's enrollment management efforts. I recommend her without reservations."

Mary Ann Rowan, Ph. D.
Vice President Enrollment Management
Illinois Institute of Technology
July 2007

[Dr. Babey] "was extremely helpful in assisting us in asking the right questions about how to improve Registrar operations; being proactive about suggesting improvements and identifying solutions; and she effectively motivated the Registrar's staff to make their own suggestions about how to improve their jobs. She was particularly helpful in helping us identify ways to better use technology in our activities. Her final report was complete, concise and solution-oriented. This was a completely positive experience for me, the university, and, most particularly, the Registrar's staff. She had a big impact on helping us make important, long-overdue changes, in our operations. I recommend her without reservation."

Dr. Michael Bartanen
Director of Academic Planning and Summer Sessions
Pacific Lutheran University

"I've had the pleasure of succeeding Dr. Babey at National-Louis University. Dr. Babey served my institution as Interim Registrar for approximately seven months prior to my arrival. As a result of Dr. Babey's work, I inherited a Registrar's Office that was much better organized, more efficient, and had a clearer sense of vision. Her experience and expertise were very valuable to NLU. I enthusiastically recommend RESCCU to institutions that are looking for interim leadership and/or external expertise."

Ken J. Gilson
University Registrar
National Louis University

"RESCCU rescued National-Louis University (NLU) in 2003! Dr. Babey served as our Interim Registrar for seven months. She brought a breadth of experiences and knowledge which allowed her to quickly understand NLU's complexity. Dr. Babey's role as Interim Registrar enabled NLU to accomplish many things that someone new to the role would not have been able to do. She paved the way for NLU to successfully hire a new Registrar…. Her work laid the groundwork and gives the new Registrar a much greater chance for success. She is great!"

Kelly M.Thompson
Vice President of Enrollment Management
National Louis University

"While working on a development plan for a university in West Africa, I needed someone who knew enrollment management and student support service issues thoroughly, and who could apply that knowledge in different cultural settings. I knew that my friend and colleague, Evelyn Babey, was the person I needed. I requested that she be assigned to the development team. I was gratified when she said she would help me. As we worked together I came to appreciate more the depth and breadth of her knowledge, but even more satisfying was the skill with which she applied her knowledge. Evelyn effortlessly related service needs to technology to programs, and produced a comprehensive plan for enrollment management and student services. I found her to be a very impressive professional and a pleasure to work with."

Dr. Stephen L. Langston
Assistant Vice President, Public Service,
Public/Service West Africa Programs
Georgia State University (retired)

"I worked closely with Dr. Babey over a period of 10 years when she was the Registrar at UC Davis. She was the key contributor who ensured that the campus investment in classrooms met our program needs and were a good value. Because of her keen awareness of faculty needs, she was able to guide effectively the design professions assigned to our classroom projects. She was also most knowledgeable of the 'big picture' issues involving our classrooms, such as management strategies to improve utilization. I am convinced that to have an effective capital investment plan, you need competent program leaders to oversee the programming and design process. Dr. Babey provided this leadership on behalf of our campus, and I believe her contributions were essential to the success of our projects. I would recommend that any institution contemplating an investment in new classrooms seek her advice before beginning the planning process."

Richard F. Keller
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Capital Resource Management
University of California, Davis

"I had the pleasure of working with Evelyn Babey for over six years while she was a member of the Enrollment Services division of Student Affairs. During her time as Registrar at UC Davis, Evelyn was a creative and energetic manager. She was an instrumental member of the team that implemented a new student information system suggesting enhancements along the way. She was constantly seeking new ways to enhance customer service. Evelyn implemented a staffing plan that improves service to students by empowering staff to handle all records processes for each student, an enhancement that is still in use today at Davis. Evelyn was particularly creative in managing internal office space by proposing new configurations to utilize sometimes less than optimum physical facilities. Early on in the advent of new technology, Evelyn introduced telephone registration, computerized classroom scheduling, and the first student service kiosks on campus. She was instrumental in introducing a degree audit system which is currently being implemented on campus. Evelyn was constantly seeking new ways to improve services."

Yvonne L. Marsh
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment,
Advising and Academic Support Services
University of California, Davis

"I worked with Dr. Evelyn Babey to establish a cooperative writing program between the University of California at Davis and Sacramento City College during the 1993-94 academic year. The arrangement was refined and its scope expanded over the next two school years. Dr. Babey's knowledge of the registration systems, facility needs, and instructional requirements is thorough, and her direct experience in these areas helped to produce a program that is now considered a state-wide model."

John Ruden, Ph. D.
Dean Sacramento City College, Davis Center

"Dr. Babey serviced as a consultant to Adelphi during September 2004 as we sought to review our Registrar's Office and procedures. After examining descriptive information and spending a week on campus, Dr. Babey provided a report that astutely identified areas for improvement with detailed recommendations for how to implement necessary and desirable changes.

While on campus, Dr. Babey met and interviewed approximately 50 administrators, staff, faculty and students. Her professional, but easy, personal style, coupled with a great deal of higher education transactional experience and a keen understanding of issues, encouraged frank conversations about areas of strength and those in need of improvement. She also had a relaxed manner with the Registrar's staff, enabling her to carefully observe their work. Where appropriate, she pointed to straightforward avenues for more efficient and satisfying work procedures and, as a result, engendered excitement and a positive feeling about the external review itself. Once she submitted her report, Dr. Babey was consistently available for further discussion ad suggestions.

We at Adelphi found her observations and recommendations very valuable. They were well articulated, specific, realistic, and time staged in such a way that they could be readily put into operation. Even in a short time since her review, we have experienced notable improvements in the Registrar's Office."

Marcia G. Welsh, Ph. D.
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

"Evelyn Babey is a consummate professional. During the time I worked with her at the Higher Colleges of Technology [2005-2006], she as Dean, Central Academic and Student Services and me as Dean of Business and Applied Communications, she managed to impose order on a rather loose academic and student services system in the largest federal higher education system in the United Arab Emirates. This was no mean feat in a system comprising twelve geographically disbursed campuses. Evelyn seemed to have the ability to achieve all this without showing any overt signs of stress and pressure; on the contrary, she has a most pleasing and personable manner with a ready sense of humour. Nevertheless, underlying this affable manner is extensive and in depth knowledge of implementation and operation of the Banner ERP system."

James S. Pounder
Former Dean of Business and Applied Communications
Higher College of Technology
United Arab Emirates
Presently Director of Teaching and Learning
Lingnan University, Hong Kong



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